How to Use

Click the status bar icon to setup

After install TwitterFox in your Firefox, TwitterFox icon appears on the status bar with gray icon. Click the icon to open setup preference panel.

Click ''Add account'' button to enter your user name and password. Then click OK button to login Twitter.

Notify friends' status with small balloon

When your friends update their tweets, TwitterFox pops up small balloon on right bottom corner on your browser window.

If you click an icon of your friend, TwitterFox opens the friend's page in a new tab. If you already opened the page in the other tab, TwitterFox switches to the tab.

There is a reply button and favorite button on right-top corner of the popup. You can click the reply button to write a reply and you can click favorite button to toggle favorite status.

View last 40 tweets and update tweet

When you click TwitterFox icon on the status bar, you can see a TwitterFox window on right-bottom corner of the browser. It has the last 40 messages and an input text box. If you want to update your message, enter your message in the text box. You can insert an URL of current tab with an insert URL icon.

TwitterFox automatically closes the window when you click a friend's icon, a hyperlink in a message, or TwitterFox logo. If you don't want to close the window automatically, you can change this behavior on preference window.

Context menu

Right click on each tweet to open a context menu. The context menu has "Copy", "Retweet", "Open this tweet in new tab" and "Delete this tweet".

Encode / decode tinyURL

If you want to check an URL before open a tinyURL, move your mouse over the tinyURL. TwitterFox decodes the tinyURL to the original URL. TwitterFox automatically decodes,, and Also, TwitterFox encodes your long URL to tinyURL before post to Twitter.

Multi account

TwitterFox supports multi-account. You can set multiple accounts on preference window and change your accounts with context menu of the TwitterFox icon or click an account name on top of the TwitterFox popup window.

Handle browser cookie

TwitterFox doesn't overwrite browser cookies. This means, you can use TwitterFox for your primary account, and can use secondary account in the browser at the same time.

Keyboard shortcut

Change TwitterFox's tab.
Ctrl+Shift+L (for Mac: Command+Shift+L)
Insert current tab's URL into the input message box.
Ctrl+Shift+P (for Mac: Command+Shift+P)
Open/close TwitterFox window.
UP arrow
Scroll up tweets box
DOWN arrow
Scroll down tweets box

For Firebug users
Several extensions, for example Firebug, have assigned Ctrl+Shift+P and Ctrl+Shift+L for their functions. If you can't use default keyboard shortcut, you have to re-assign shortcut key on preference window.

Sound notification

You can set your favorite sound for a notification of update. You can use a WAV file or an AIFF file (Mac only). TwitterFox doesn't contain any sound files. You should pick a sound file yourself.