TwitterFox icon turns red

If TwitterFox can't get data from twitter, TwitterFox turns its icon to red. If you move your mouse over the red icon, TwitterFox display an error message with tooltip.

I've got "Rate limit exceeded. Clients may not make more than 100 requests per hour" message. What does this mean?

Twitter allows API clients to access to their server only 100 times per hour. If you use more than 2 twitter clients at same time, or restart Firefox often, or select ''Update tweets'' menu often, you may get this error with a red status icon. More information is on Twitter.

Also, from time to time, Twitter lower rate limit to preserve their server load for several reasons.

Can I use SSL to get and update tweets?

There's no longer SSL option because TwitterFox always uses SSL to get and update your tweets.

Can I see a timestamp of a message in the timeline

Because TwitterFox window is small, there is no timestamp on message boxes, but you can see the timestamp with tooltip when you move your mouse over the message boxes.

I can't use keyboard shortcut

Several Firefox extensions have already assigned keyboard shortcuts for their functions. You can change a key assignment of this extension with preference window.

I want to translate TwitterFox or fix translations

Please find TwitterFox on BabelZilla. You can make a translation of all TwitterFox messages into your language. Please note, don't send me an e-mail with a translation text. I won't accept any translation via e-mail because it's not efficient. I only accept translations from BabbelZilla.

When TwitterFox opens a balloon or a window, TwitterFox steals focus of entire windows

This issue is caused by a Firefox bug on Linux platform. See bug:434372 on bugzilla.

TwitterFox popup/window is behind content window

TwitterFox popup/window is in below a content window sometimes. This is an issue of Firefox 2. Also some extensions may cause this issue (e.g. Split Browser). This issue happens only on Firefox 2.

I have to enter twitter account information every time when I start Firefox

TwitterFox uses Firefox's password manager. If you clear saved password when you close Firefox (This settings is in Preference > Privacy > Private Data), it means you also clear TwitterFox account information when you close Firefox.

I saved password, but nothing happen. TwitterFox always shows preference dialog

I'm currently invastigating this issue. I'm not sure this is part of TwitterFox issue, but I guess this is Firefox version up migration issue or extensions conflict issue.

Check your configuration on Tools -> Options(or Firefox -> Preferences on Mac) -> Security -> Show Password. If you can't see any stored password, your Firefox's password database is broken somehow. You need to reset your password database by following steps.


If you can see your stored password, but can't save TwitterFox password, please let me know.

TwitterFox doesn't work anyway

If TwitterFox doesn't work and you think you set all settings correctly, and also Twitter server is well, please check the other extensions. Some extensions conflict with TwitterFox (e.g. Google Gears may conflict TwitterFox). Disable the other extensions and see how TwitterFox works. If you find a conflict, please contact me.