Contact / How to Report a Bug

If you've got an issue, or you think there is a bug in TwitterFox, please report me the situation by following steps. You can send a report to support {at} naanstudio (dot) com or @TwitterFox.

First of all, collect platform information and version number of Firefox and TwitterFox.

  • Browser version and platform (e.g. Firefox on Mac OS 10.5.2)
  • TwitterFox version

Second, set TwitterFox preferencse. Enter about:config in browser's address bar then enter twitter in a filer field. You can see several preference variables of TwitterFox. Set extensions.twitternotifier.debug true to enable debug logging.

Next, enter java in the filter field then set javascript.options.showInConsole true to enable to output JavaScript error in Error Console.

Then open Tools -> Error Console. Now you can see several debug logs of TwitterFox.

Error console looks like this:

The error console contains all errors and warnings. You may have a lot of errors and warnings when you open the console. Efficient way of debugging TwitterFox is:

  1. Close all tabs then open a blank page
  2. Choose Logout from a context menu of TwitterFox (right click on the TwitterFox icon)
  3. Clear all error logs
  4. Login with TwitterFox
  5. Check the Error Console (if the console doesn't have any log, perhaps you miss some settings in about:config)