ChangeLog of TwitterFox

version 1.8.3 (7/14/2009)

  • Fixed an issue in which copy/retweet function doesn't work if user select it on profile image icon
  • Fixed an issue in which reply/favorite button contrast on black theme
  • Fixed an issue in which TwitterFox doesn't work if local cache database is corrupted
  • Fixed an issue in which TwitterFox can't delete DM which is already deleted on the web
  • Fixed conflict with Organize Status Bar

version 1.8.2 (6/25/2009)

  • Fixed balloon popup behavior
    • Fixed double notification of mentions
    • Do not popup own tweet
  • Fixed freezing issue on startup especially there are many new updates
  • Fixed an issue in which the progress bar remains and hides text box after TwitterFox failed to send a tweet
  • Support Songbird

version 1.8.1 (6/12/2009)
* Fixed rendering issue on Windows and Linux platform
* Fixed conflict with Cute Menus Crystal SVG

version 1.8 (6/11/2009)

  • Window size and font size are now resizable
  • New black translucent theme
  • Added time stamp, source name and in reply to info
  • Save tweet in local cache
  • Get more than 20 tweets
  • Fixed an issue that TwitterFox steals focus from input field
  • Fixed an issue that TwitterFox doesn't display tooltip appropriately on Mac OS X
  • Changed application license

version (3/12/2009)

  • Support Firefox 3.1b3

version 1.7.7 (3/6/2009)

  • Fixed context menu on Mac platform
  • Fixed middle mouse button click behavior
  • Get more than 20 tweets at once (maximum is 200 tweets per request)
  • Updated uk-UA, added es-MX and hu-HU translations

version 1.7.6 (2/19/2009)

  • Fixed an issue in which TwitterFox always displays preference panel after users set their account info at first launch.

version 1.7.5 (2/9/2009)

  • Fixed minor security issue of malformed JSON string. Details are on bugzilla.

version 1.7.4 (12/21/2008)

  • Fixed an issue in which text doesn't appear on text box with darken theme.

version 1.7.3 (12/17/2008)

  • Supported Firefox 3.1b2
  • Added context menu to each tweets which has:
    • Copy
    • Re-tweet
    • Open this tweet in new tab
    • Delete tweet
  • Auto extract and links.
  • Added 'Mark all as read' menu item.
  • Increased contrast of background color of read/unread messages.
  • Added in-reply-to-status-id parameter for status update.
  • Added da-DK, th-TH, vi-VN and ar-SA,ar and kw-GB translations.
  • Do not make hyperlink if it ends with [.,;:]
  • Fixed an issue in which TwitterFox loses its tab focus when users change their account.

version 1.7.2 (10/04/2008)

  • Fixed an issue in which favorite function doesn't work
  • Fixed an issue in which scroll position is reset when TF receives new tweets

version 1.7.1 (09/28/2008)

  • Fixed an issue in which favorite function doesn't work
  • Fixed an issue in which scroll position is reset when TF receives new tweets
  • Modified some translations

version 1.7 (09/02/2008)

  • Implemented new tweet input box
  • Added favorite function
  • Added tr-TR, ru-RU locales
  • Adjusted balloon popup position

version 1.6.1 (08/14/2008)

  • Fixed conflict with Organize Status Bar extension
  • Remove cookie preference. Twitter no longer supports same cookie of browser and API client
  • Enabled spell checker spell candidate menu
  • Added cs-CZ locale

version 1.6 (07/16/2008)

  • Fixed an issue in which insert friend tweets to wrong tab when TwitterFox gets new tweets and user opens TwitterFox window
  • Updated locale files
  • Added 'show ballon popup' settings on preference panel
  • Added fa-IR locale
  • Implemented workaround for status/replies returns 401 issue
  • Fixed base64 encoder for non-ascii character

version 1.5.7 (06/28/2008)

  • Fixed popup wrong message when user send a direct message
  • Disable auto rate limit control because Twitter is changing spec of account/rate_limit_status
  • Don't popup "No new tweets found" when TwitterFox doesn't receive new tweet

version 1.5.6 (06/24/2008)

  • Fixed an issue in which text input box won't turn writable after user sent a tweet on Fx3 + Mac OS 10.4
  • Remove auto complete friends feature to improve compatible
  • Fixed an issue in which a message balloon has <TEXTAREA> string on non-content window
  • Added workaround of conflict with Aero Fox
  • Added sr-YU, sr-RS and el-GR locale
  • Added 10 minutes interval on preference panel

version (06/14/2008)

  • Fixed condition of opening preference panel

version (06/10/2008)

  • Fixed replies doesn't appear in replies tab
  • Adjust auto rate control
  • Show preference dialog at first time of startup

version (05/29/2008)

  • Keep all unread messages until you read them
  • Keep 40 read messages in each tab
  • Don't count same messages between recent and replies tab
  • Fixed an issue in which a message balloon split your update into each word and displays it very long balloon
  • Adjusted auto rate control

version (05/28/2008)

  • Fixed an issue that you can't enter a text to the text box once you sent a message

version 1.5.5 (05/28/2008)

  • Fixed image width is expanded when user enter long unwrap text
  • Remove "What are you doing?" string from text box
  • Count down char count instead of count up
  • Don't count own update
  • Added fi-FI locale
  • Fixed css warning message on Firefox 3
  • Improve network error handling
  • Improved mouse wheel scroll behavior
  • Implemented auto rate control for avoid rate limit exceed
  • Reduce to get direct message to avoid rate limit exceed

version (05/16/2008)

  • Support Firefox 3 RC1
  • Fixed !JavaScript error when decode tinyURL

version (04/17/2008)

  • Fixed locale settings for fr-FR users

version 1.5.4 (04/16/2008)

  • Support Firefox 3 beta 5
  • Decode tinyURL without access to redirected site
  • Fixed XUL panel behavior for Firefox 3 RC1
  • Added nb-NO locale

version 1.5.3 (03/10/2008)

  • Fixed typo

version 1.5.2 (03/10/2008)

  • Fixed can't send status message correctly with Firefox 3 beta3.
  • Supported beta 4 and beta5pre.
  • Fixed some locale files

version 1.5.1 (03/06/2008)

  • Added tab key navigation
  • Added unread count on tab and remove translation of the tab text
  • Fixed bugs
    • Avoid too much request of getting friend list when user enter '@replies' message
    • Fixed status bar unread counter doesn't appear when user disable balloon popup
    • Save last access time and most recent id of each timeline requests (timeline/replies/messages)
      to avoid drop messages
    • Modified zh-CN translation
    • Disabled AIFF file filter of choose sound file dialog on Windows/Linux platform
    • Fixed autocomplete box expand input box width

version 1.5 (03/01/2008)

  • Support Firefox 3 beta 3 and beta 4 pre.
    • Fixed problem of add account on beta3
    • Fixed balloon popup behavior
  • Support new locales (es-ES, nl-NL, zh-CN, zh-TW, fr-FR)
  • Save state
    • Entered text
    • Received most recent timeline id
  • Added sound notification
  • Implemented asynchronous decode/encode tinyURL
  • Consolidate balloon popup when user get more than 5 updates

version 1.4.3 (02/09/2008)

  • version 1.4.2 release has broken. Fix typo in locale.

version 1.4.2 (02/09/2008)

  • Fixed authorization error on several environment
  • Support locale (ja-JP, es-CL, pl-PL, pt-BR)

version 1.4.1 (02/06/2008)

  • Don't focus balloon popup on Firefox3
  • Fixed TwitterFox popups old status balloon when the recent timeline has un-following replies.
  • Reset unread count on logout

version 1.4 (01/27/2008)

  • Support Firefox 3 (beta)
  • Re-implement authentication method
  • Encode/decode tinyURL
  • Fix bugs

version 1.3.2 (01/23/2008)

  • Set font color !#000 explicitly
  • Fix bugs of change account

version 1.3.1 (01/22/2008)

  • Fixed account name disappear when user change tab

version 1.3 (01/22/2008)

  • Support multiple accounts
  • Don't show TwitterFox icon and balloon when user open browser popup window
  • Double click status icon to go to Twitter web page
  • Fixed typo of "

version 1.2 (01/14/2008)

  • Support to retrieve replies and direct messages
    • Change minimum GET interval from 1 minute to 3 minutes for avoid API rate limitation.
  • Fixed @username hyper link when the name is in middle of contents.

version 1.1.5 (10/20/2007)

  • TwitterFox breaks your browser when you update to Firefox Fixed this conflict.

version 1.1.4 (09/27/2007)

  • When Twitter API returns error code, TwitterFox can't open own window. Fixed this problem.

version 1.1.3 (09/13/2007)

  • Added 'Use HTTPS connection' menu to dialog
  • Swap OK/Cancel dialog button on Windows
  • Avoid conflict some of extension (using hasOwnProperty method in the object/array loop)

version 1.1.2 (08/03/2007)

  • Fixed to display entity reference.
  • Sometimes version 1.1.1 doesn't reset unread counter. Fixed it.
  • version 1.1.1 accessed Twitter too much. Fixed rate limitation problem.

version 1.1.1 (07/15/2007)

  • Change application messages for more understandable.

version 1.1 (07/15/2007)

  • Add 'insertURL' icon and character count.
  • When user changes tab, TwitterFox doesn't work correctly. Fix it.
  • Input box doesn't accept up/down key. Fix it.

version 1.0.2 (06/10/2007)

  • Add keyboard shortcut customize function.
  • Fix insert URL function on Firefox 1.5.
  • Fix regex of @username highlight and hyperlink.

version 1.0.1 (06/09/2007)

  • Avoid to conflict insert URL keyboard shortcut with Eastern European keyboard.
  • Add keyboard shortcut to toggle popup.

version 1.0 (06/01/2007)

  • Change extension name.
  • Get user screen_name with statuses/user_timeline for change balloon color.
  • Fix input box behavior with IME.
  • Adjust balloon box size to show long statuses.
  • Get last 20 messages when user selects 'Update statuses' menu.
  • Add 'from TwitterFox' link on your twitter page.

version 0.9.1 (05/29/2007)

  • Show unread count on statusbar.
  • Fix autocomplete box behavior.
  • Add link to @username.
  • Change balloon box color when your friends send you a status with @yourname. (Thanks sekimura-san again!)

version 0.9 (05/13/2007)

  • Implemented multi line text input with spell check. (spell check only works on Firefox 2.0)

version 0.8.3 (05/08/2007)

  • Added 'popup interval' preference.

version 0.8.2 (05/03/2007)

  • Fixed making too much network connections.

version 0.8.1 (05/03/2007)

  • Fixed 'Update statuses' menu doesn't work.

version 0.8 (05/02/2007)

  • Add autocomplete function on the textbox. (autocomplete your friends screen_name. This feature only works on Firefox 2.0)
  • Add statuses' timestamp with tooltip (contributed by sekimura-san sekimura-san. Thanks!)
  • Fix network timeout handler.

version 0.7.2 (04/26/2007)

  • Fix popup screen lose shape
  • Add error handler to status update process
  • Fix entered message disappear
  • Remove obsolete codes

version 0.7.1 (04/25/2007)

  • Fix typo in replaceLinkText

version 0.7 (04/25/2007)

  • Security fix.
  • Add scrollbar and logo
  • Fix message duplicates

Before version 0.7, TwitterNotifier has a serious security problem. Please do update to version 0.7.

version 0.6.3 (04/22/2007)

  • Avoid passwordmanger.removeUser error.

version 0.6.2 (04/22/2007)

  • Fix cursor behavior on input URL
  • Insert @command before entered text
  • Remove old username and password when user update an account information.

version 0.6.1 (04/22/2007)

  • Fix keyboard shortcut function

version 0.6 (04/22/2007)

  • show friends' statuses with multiline text
  • Keyboard shortcut
  • Reply button

version 0.5.1 (04/22/2007)

  • Fix message duplicates
  • Fix menu behavior on windows
  • Use screen name instead of user name

version 0.5 (04/19/2007)

  • Initial release version.