Firefox extension for Twitter

TwitterFox Screenshot

TwitterFox is a Firefox extension that notifies you of your friends' tweets on the microblog service Twitter. If you want to setup a real blog, go to this site.

This extension adds a tiny icon on the status bar which notifies you when your friends update their tweets. Also it has a small text input field to update your tweets.

Install TwitterFox

If you want to get updates of TwitterFox, feel free to follow @TwitterFox. If you have a problem, please check FAQ page first.

New Features and Changes in Version 1.8

  • Window size and font size are now resizable
  • New black translucent theme
  • Added time stamp, source name and in reply to info
  • Save tweet in local cache
  • Get more than 20 tweets
  • Fixed an issue that TwitterFox steals focus from input field
  • Fixed an issue that TwitterFox doesn't display tooltip appropriately on Mac OS X
  • Changed application license

Complete change log is here.